Frequently Asked Questions


How is Breuer Premium prepared, cooked and packaged?

  • The production of Breuer Premium Pet Food is NEVER outsourced to third party manufacturers.  We control every step of the supply-chain, from sourcing, to production, packaging, and deilvery

  • Recipes are prepared in a 5,000 square foot USDA / FDA inspected kitchen in Long Island City, NY, in strict compliance with HACCP food safety protocols   

  • The Breuer Premium Pet Food Company gently mixes and cooks our natural ingredients in small batches at lower temperatures to maximize nutrient availability

  • Each meal is immediately vacuum sealed in certified BPA-free, food-safe pouches (absent of phthalates and other plasticizers), frozen, and wrapped in 100% recycled butcher paper to preserve freshness

  • A ‘Best if Used By’ date is stamped on the outside of every package to ensure your pet consumes the freshest food possible 

  • Breuer Premium is delivered to your door in temperature controlled boxes

  • All Breuer Premium Pet Food employees are required to obtain the New York City Health Department’s Food Handler’s Permit

  • The Breuer Premium Pet Food Company has been registered by the NY Department of Agriculture

  • We test every batch to ensure that the food is delicious and nutritionally complete

Shipping & Delivery Policy?

  • The Breuer Premium Pet Food Company delivers meals to your door throughout the five boroughs of New York in temperature controlled boxes

  • Subscribe and receive orders 'Every Week' or 'Every Other Week' for FREE DELIVERY

  • Receive Orders 'Only Once' for a flat $5.95 delivery fee

  • During checkout, please indicate your preferred day / time slot for delivery

  • You will receive a confirmation email with your order number and delivery day / time shortly after purchase 

  • Breuer Premium meals will stay fresh in the delivery boxes up to two hours after delivery; please freeze or refrigerate immediately upon receipt

  • The Breuer Premium Pet Food Company is not responsible for refunds for delivered meals left unattended beyond the 2-hour window  

  • We take pride in the high quality of our fresh, premium pet food.  If you are dissatisfied with any item in your order, please contact us right away — we'll either replace it with an acceptable item or refund 100% of the cost for that item

  • If you have questions about the delivery time on a specific item or any issues, please contact us at info@breuerpremium.com and include your order number