Why Human Grade



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The Breuer Premium Pet Food Company prides itself on its all natural approach to animal wellness.  From the farms and markets where it sources fresh grains, vegetables, fruit and meats, to its commercial kitchen in Long Island City, this philosophy rings true.  In every pound of Breuer Premium, you'll find at least 8oz of beef, lamb or turkey, 4 ounces of red quinoa, brown rice, or millet, and 4 ounces of fresh vegetables & fruits, including 18 essential vitamins and minerals.  Our meals must be kept frozen or refrigerated as they do not contain any chemical preservatives (BHA, propylene glycol) commonly found in dry, canned and semi-moist pet food.

Lamb, Beef & Turkey

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All Breuer Premium beef, lamb and turkey is sourced from USDA registered suppliers who follow all USDA regulations for safe handling.  We carefully select only the highest quality grade meat.  While our meat is not organic, it is human-grade.  We strictly do not use any animal by-products (hide, hair, hooves and teeth) in our meals.  Our meats contain a healthy array of vitamin B6, iron, Omega-3s, and most importantly, protein.  Protein supplies our furry friends with amino acids to build hair, skin, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilage.  Over 50% of each Breuer meal is made up of animal protein.  


One of nature's perfect foods, the egg is an excellent source of calcium, protein and amino acids.  Eggs support STRONG BONES and TEETH, BUILD MUSCLES, STRENGTHEN HAIR, and REPAIR TISSUE.  Every part of the egg is used to fortify Breuer Premium meals.  The yolks and whites are slowly cooked into the meat and carbohydrate mixture, while the eggshells are cleaned and ground into a powder that is mixed into the recipes at the final stage of preparation.  

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Fruits & Vegetables

Just as fruits and vegetables are considered healthy foods for humans, they can also help prolong a dog's life. Green, orange, and red fruits and vegetables are best for dogs because they are nutrient-dense and contain antioxidants that help reduce the risk of cancer.  Each Breuer Premium meal contains a carefully selected blend of spinach, green peas, carrots, parsley, blueberries, apples, or dried cranberries, helping to: ALLEVIATE JOINT STRESS, REDUCE INFLAMMATION, INCREASE URINARY TRACT HEALTH, BOOST SKIN & COAT CONDITION, PROMOTE HEALTHY VISION, and FRESHEN BREATH.

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Carbohydrates & Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) 

Carbohydrates are GOOD for man's best friend, and support a HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM, DIGESTIVE TRACT, and BOOST ENERGY.  They provide vitamins, minerals and fiber that are not found in proteins and fats.  Our millet, brown rice, and red quinoa are entirely gluten free, and Safflower Oil is added to all of our meals.  These are some of the ingredients that help PREVENT EFA deficiency in dogs, which can cause dull/dry coat, itchy skin, and lack of energy.  Apple Cider Vinegar also provides tremendous health benefits for dogs by helping to BALANCE pH LEVELS, REDUCE DANDER, RELIEVE ARTHRITIS and ITCHY EARS.  Breuer Premium Pet Food is not processed nor does it use inexpensive fillers (corn, feathers, soy, citrus pulp, straw, cereal by-products).